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Vince LawrenceRemix / Production Reel
vince lawrence

Vince Lawrence is an internationally recognized innovator in dance music.

Industry insiders recognize Vince as co-author of the first recording officially designated "house music".

Credited with the initial organization of Trax Records, the seminal Chicago House label, Lawrence has exposed some of the dance world's greatest prodigies, including Marshall Jefferson (Move your Body-THE HOUSE MUSIC ANTHEM.), Adonis, Farley Jackmaster Funk, and Jesse Saunders while inspiring many others. Vince and his team have filled the major labels need for great remixes, providing chart topping work for Michael Jackson, Madonna, Whitney Houston, Beyonce, R Kelly, John Legend, and many others.

As founder of Chicago's Slang Musicgroup, Lawrence has evolved from artist and producer to entrepreneur and marketer. Above all, he is a veteran of the street with an intuitive understanding of what youth culture craves, be it style and music or consumer products that he telegraphs to the street through soundtracks for advertising or non-traditional "under the radar" field marketing programs. Vince Lawrence's intimate relationship with pop culture and lifelong love of music have evolved into a unique insight that is eagerly sought out--from the trend hunters of Madison Avenue to the likes of pop stars the world over.


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chicago fire

Sony presents Vince Lawrence / Slang MusicGroup in

Chicago Fire: A Dance Music Anthology

Explore five different aspects of the club music experience: A real music producer / composer house music / remix toolkit.

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