When an attorney friend approached Vince Lawrence, he stated that his nephew was “interested in rap music”. Slang producers recognized his potential and created a real path to cultivating it. Twelve months later, Jake sat with the top industry executives at Jive records, Sony Music, Warner and more.
Slang created a “development team” that worked on the artist’s weakness and built on his strengths. Slang ideologies helped to ensure that the artist evolved as a brand with multi-merchandise touch points, ultimately resulting in a more marketable commodity.

The Slang Team organized for the creative part of this project included:
  • Music Composers
  • Lyric Writers
  • Singers
  • Vocal Coaches
  • Musicians
  • Engineers
  • Feature Artists (celeb appearances)
  • Wardrobe Stylists
  • Videographers
Slang created/produced
  • 12 song album
  • Developed and produced mixtape featuring DJ Khaled & DJ Drama Hosted by B96 Mixshow personality


  • Develop “dorm dance contest” as YouTube fan builder tactic around JQ’s “go down and show” song energizing college age fans and creating over 1 million views
  • Engage national mixshow DJs creating branded mixtape
  • Coordinate national airplay campaign, receiving over 1000 BDS detections
  • Develop strategy for street marketing campaigns
  • Develop remix contest scenario, create partnership with popular site Remix Galaxy
  • Connect artist with local taste makers/trend influencers