Slang Music Group is…

A minority owned, multifeatured music and sound house that produces national Gold & Platinum award winning recording artists and delivers modern sounds to the ad industry seamlessly. Our producer/engineer/remixers have worked for top selling acts such as Beyonce, Pink, Johnathan Davis (KORN),John Legend, R. Kelly, Enrique Iglesias, Kanye West, Iggy Azalea, Charles Jenkins & Wyclef Jean to name a small portion of a very diverse list. While composing and licensing music for commercials, film and TV, members of The Slang Music Group have also been working with burgeoning new talent from all over the world.

New Music

  1. Horns To House (Original Mix) Vince Lawrence ft. Tom Tom 2084 2:49
  2. Horns To House (Terry Hunter and James Poyser's Julius Jordan Mix) Vince Lawrence ft. Tom Tom 2084 7:55
  3. Keep The Faith Charles Jenkins 5:48
  4. Drowsiness Feat. Chance The Rapper Sterling Hayes 5:14
  5. Touch Your Body The 312 7:06
  6. What The Fuck Do You Want Cody Vavrik 3:27
  7. Dancing With The Stars (YT Mix) Steve Stone Huff 3:50
  8. Remember - YT Mix Ashika 3:36
  9. One More Try Matt LeGrand 3:18
  10. Fire (feat Twista) Matt LeGrand 3:21
  11. Hold On To Love (feat. Nicholas Barron) Vingo Slang 3:50
  12. Spring Break Girl Matt LeGrand 3:07
  13. Running Through (I Love You) Matt Legrand 3:07
  14. Feeling Alive Blu. Line 3:21
  15. Heartbreaking Love Blu. Line 4:19
  16. Real Love Inspired People featuring Charles Jenkins 5:23
  17. Instrumental Love Janelle Kroll 4:12
  18. Awesome (The Crazy Testify Mix) Charles Jenkins & Fellowship Chicago 6:02
  19. Shit We On w/ Lil Reese Star Barksdale 4:21
  20. I Remember Love (Original) Mira Black 4:19
  21. I Remember Love (VLR Get Deep Mix) Mira Black 6:51
  22. I Remember Love (South of Roosevelt ChaCha Mix) Mira Black 7:09
  23. Just Don't Jana G 4:00
  24. I Did Jana G 3:33
  25. Can't Do It RMX Chante Moore 1:24
  26. This Is Chicago House Vince Lawrence & Chuck Roberts