The slinky and sinewy self-described demure girl with an unexpected edge has wowed audiences throughout her native Chicago. Add one part Avril Lavigne, one part Katy Perry, two parts Gwen Stefani, a dash of Blink 182, shaken vigorously and served in a tall glass on the rocks; you've got Jana G. It's dancey pop, it grooves, and it's infectious.

Her music showcases pure vocal strength, melodic range and emotional vulnerability that perfectly portray this passionate and engaging artist. She wastes no time trying to impress people with crazy antics and bizarre fashion; in-stead she digs deep into her emotions to craft a sound that is surely to take audiences by surprise.



  • Organize branding team
  • Produce 6 Song Demo
  • Create a "petite girl" fashion line
  • Develop an accessory partnership
  • Enroll top national songwriters
  • Create Social Media Promotional Campaign
  • Shoot and edit two music videos