1. I Remember Love (Original) Mira Black 4:19
  2. I Remember Love (VLR Get Deep Mix) Mira Black 6:51
  3. I Remember Love (South of Roosevelt ChaCha Mix) Mira Black 7:09


I write so I won’t forget. I can go back and learn or seek answers or just be with my love again in the present moment. What happens next? What happened then? It’s about the choices, whether over that whole tub of Haagen Daz or with the entire bottle of Glenfiddich, crying over the surrounding boxes and empty spaces or dancing about the freedoms, the unknown and the lessons learned. My music is about my wich to return to certain moments and re-negotiate the memory more deeply or at least differently than the first time I experienced it. It’s my purging of the end or lamenting about a beginning. Every time I visit that moment I can see and learn something new. The pain and the pleasure both bring me the same passion. ~Mira Black


  • Fuse artist’s musical background in Jazz with modern, electronic elements
  • Produce, Record, and Mix a 13 song Album
  • Co-direct and oversee music video
  • Coordinate marketing and distribution of album in relevant musical channels
  • Create integrated social media platforms
  • Engage relevant industry executives to manage and oversee