Music and Sound:Technics 1200

If you were to walk into Slang MusicGroup on a regular day, you would pass through the office full of interns cracking jokes as they push the business in a new and innovative direction, past the vocal booth, and through a big wooden door into the control room. Newcomers often experience an overwhelming feeling at the amount of gear that neatly fills this warm and welcoming room. Immediately you realize that, despite the gold and platinum records that decorate the studio’s walls, Vince and his crew are down to earth people. Perhaps it is the shelf full of collectors figurines and Star Wars fighters that line the wall, or the video game section equipped with PS3, Wii, and Xbox. Whatever it is, if you’re a DJ, you will find solace in the two Technics SL-1200 that proudly sit right under the window connecting the control room to the vocal booth.

The “Tee 12’s” have been the go-to turntables since their release in 1978. DJs around the world rely on this instrument to make clubs bounce every night or to hone in on their technical skills at home. With the advent of CD-turntable technology (CD-J) and programs such as Serato, the 1200s aren’t used as often, but continue to dominate the vinyl turntable scene. This beautiful square-shaped beast is widely regarded as one of the most durable and reliable turntables ever produced, which explains the more than 3 million sold since its release. While most technology built in the 70s becomes obsolete in today’s world, many of the original Technics 1200s are still used today and function like new. It is no wonder that the SL-1200 is on display at the London Science Museum as one of the pieces of technology that have shaped the world we live in.

Although Slang is adopting more portable methods of DJing, these twin Technics will have a permanent spot for everybody who walks in to see and to enjoy their sonic superiority.

by Thomas Beckman