Slang signs Grammy-winning producer Anthony Kilhoffer

Rick Rubin, Kanye West, and Anthony Kilhoffer in the control room

Rick Rubin, Kanye West, and Anthony Kilhoffer in the control room

Vince Lawrence
cuts a deal
with his
longtime friend,
the legendary

Slang Music Group, the company founded by Black entrepreneur and Chicago House Pioneer Vince Lawrence, has signed four-time Grammy-winning producer Anthony Kilhoffer for commercial representation.

The move elevates the studio to a level of expertise, talent, wisdom and diversity that is matched by few, if any, in the country. It also extends the Slang focus far beyond the boundaries of music.

“Cultural relevancy and honest engagement is really what’s important to us,” says Lawrence. “We want our work to speak as part of a greater conversation. Our team is growing by helping artists, agencies, and brands connect authentically”

LA-based Kilhoffer is a likeminded visionary who wields a culturally diverse resume of epic proportions. He’s won Grammys for production on three Kanye West albums — My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, Graduation, and Late Registration — as well as John Legend’s Get Lifted.

Kilhoffer also served on the mix team for the iconic Watch The Throne album featuring West and Jay Z, and on the pop side he is the final mix engineer responsible for Iggy Izalea’s chart-topping hit “Fancy”

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